ALLVIEW™ Mirror System

See What You've Been Missing!™
A side-by-side comparison of the same road scene.


 With standard rearview mirrors, you don't know for sure if it is safe to change lanes; you can only guess. That's because you see three separate and interrupted pictures of a road scene.


ALLVIEW™ gives you a complete and seamless full rear traffic view of the same road scene unfolding behind you, creating an automatic safety indicator, the ALLVIEW Windows Program™ (AWP™). Above, AWP™ tells you now that it is NOT SAFE to make a lane change-without turning your head-to your immediate left or right lane.

Now, it is SAFE for you to make a lane change to your immediate right lane-without turning your head-but it is NOT SAFE to make a lane change to your immediate left lane.

Now, it is SAFE to make a lane change to you immediate right lane, but still NOT SAFE for you to make a lane change to your immediate left lane.

The Smart-Clip™ ALLVIEW™ Mirror
Fits over your existing rear view mirror. 15" X 2"

Vehicle Compatibility
AMS™ fits most vehicles including cars, trucks,
SUV’s, minivans, jeeps and racing stock cars and trucks.

Safety Benefits
  • Helps eliminate blind spots while offsetting distortion
  • Solves tunnel vision and disorientation
  • Reduces glare for safer night driving
  • Ensures safe and accurate lane changes, eliminating the guesswork
  • Enhances back up visibility
  • Make safer freeway merges
  • Helps prevent auto accidents

Product Features

  • Easy-to-install
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Vibration free
  • Shatterproof

Added Value

  • Drive with greater confidence
  • Helps relieve driving fatigue
  • Perfect for all drvers especially those that are older and disabled

The Smart-Clip™ ALLVIEW™ Mirror 
Model 1500 $59.95


Additional AMS™ Driving Safety Benefits

Everything we know about the world comes to us through our human body senses. Our senseof sight is the gateway we know about the world beyond touch. Everything we know about the driving environment around our cars is beyond touch. As drivers, how we drive depends on what we see. Since we can see causes of collisions timely and accurately, we can take corrective action to alter the effect, and avoid crashes. AMS™ helps keep your eyes on the road while seeing everything behind you without turning your head and helps to judge accurately and safely what you see all at the same time at any given moment when driving

Seeing is one thing, but judging accurately what you see is another. AMS™ does it all for you. AMS™ constantly displays your car's position relative to all other cars around you in your rear field-of-view. AMS™ tells you whether or not it is safe to change lanes, merge and exit freeways, join traffic-flow or start road-departures, where it is safe to move and how to complete such maneuvers accurately and timely without turning your head. All you do is follow the AMS™ "safe or not safe" safey rule, regardless of the image-size, distance and speed of the approaching vehicle reflected in the mirror. Gone forever is guesswork. In return, AMS™ drivers can benefit by improving their driving skills, avoid car accidents and traffic violations helping to keep their auto insurance premiums low.

AMS Technology

Advanced ALLVIEW™ Optical Technology

AMS™ Advanced ALLVIEW™ Optical Technology results in a seamless one-piece mirror that offsets visual distortion while letting you see everything surrounding your car-right, left and center-all at the same time, eliminating blind spots!

With clarity of image so sharp, you can read a vehicle license plate from 60 feet!

Seamless Full-View

Blind Spots Left by Standard Rearview Mirrors

Above, the driver’s car in the Center (C) lane is operating with standard rearview mirrors. There are about 128° of combined blind spot areas. You only have about 52° combined rear traffic view, which includes the inside rearview mirror plus the two exterior mirrors.

You have to glance at three different mirrors at three different locations to piece together three discontinuous images. Naturally, your rear traffic view is incomplete and interrupted.

AMS™ Seamless Full-View

AMS™ gives you seamless full-view. Now, you can see your entire rear traffic view -- left, right and center all at the same time, eliminating blind spots from a quick glance!

Eyes Forward Head-Up Display

Glancing in the standard rearview mirrors takes your eyes off the road, which causes glance duration, creating driving distractions and produces new blind spots in your forward field-of-view with the potential for an accident.

The ALLIVEW™ Mirror System (AMS™)  mounted directly in front of the driver is in the driver’s natural forward line-of-sight and can be viewed continuously, at a quick glance without turning your head, or impairing your front view. This mounting position keeps you focused helping to keep both eyes forward on the road.

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The Smart-Clip™ ALLVIEW™ Mirror 
Dimensions:  15-1/2" x 2-3/8"
Snaps onto vehicle's factory installed interior rearview mirror
Model 1500 $59.95

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