Signal Mirrors FAQ's

I'm a Jack (or Jill)-of-all trades, can I install the Signal« mirrors myself?
We recommend professional installation at either your local dealer or an automotive audio products or detailing accessories installer. Signal Mirror installation requires experience with electrical wiring.

How long does an installation take?
Installation time varies for each vehicle model. The average length of an installation is about 60 minutes.

Do I have to replace the mirror housing when installing Signal« mirrors?
The installation procedure varies for each kit. The entire mirror housing is replaced only on the Chevrolet/GMC CK platform vehicles. On all other vehicles only the glass sub assembly of the mirror is replaced into the factory mirror housing.

Are Signal« mirrors heated?
Heated Signal« mirrors are available with some retrofit kits. Please check the retrofit kit listing for specific vehicles and model years.

Will the Signal« mirror distract my attention from the road?
No, not for either the driver or passengers of the vehicle equipped with Signal« mirrors. Only a subtle "tell-tale" display is visible to inform them the Signal« mirror is activated.


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