Wide Angle Signal« Mirror

Wide Angle Signal« Mirror - (New and Improved Design!)
Fits Many Vehicles!

Wide Angle Signal« Mirrors are designed to be installed on many vehicles where a specific kit is not available. It is a safety accessory that is really two mirrors in one - a fully functional Signal« mirror as well as a convex mirror for expanded visibility. Wide Angle Signal« Mirrors are available with either RED or AMBER chevrons. The Wide Angle Signal« Mirror measures 3" in diameter.

Mounts on to Your Rearview Mirror

Wide Angle Signal« Mirrors mount directly onto a vehicle's exterior rearview mirror. This allows a wider variety of vehicles to include this revolutionary safety accessory.

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Expanded Visibility

The view provided by the Wide Angle Signal« Mirror reflects images in the blind spot. The image of an approaching vehicle moves from the rearview mirror into the Wide Angle Signal« Mirror and then can be seen in the driver's peripheral view.

The unique safety aspect of the chevron signal and increased blind spot view provided by the convex shape make Wide Angle Signal« Mirrors an excellent vehicle accessory.

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Wide Angle Signal« Mirror3 RED N/A 52-2200056-2 $129.00

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