Westin Truck Nerf Bars and Truck Side Steps
Truck Nerf bars, step bars, side steps and truck steps all refer to the same quality product designed to give you a sturdy step up into your vehicle. We carry the top options in step bars, nerf bars and truck steps for any vehicle.

Westin Pro Traxx Oval Tube Steps --> Westin PRO TRAXX 4" or 5" Oval Tube Step Bars
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Westin PRO TRAXX™ 4" and 5" Oval Tube Step Bars features a bold series unique saddle mounted step pad. The step pad features deep paved waterways that help keep step area dry for added safety stepping in and out of your truck. Step tubes feature fully coated seamless domed ends with 30 degree OE style bends.
No-drill installation and available in polished stainless steel and black powdercoated e-coated mild steel.
Pro Traxx 6 inch oval nerf bars black Westin PRO TRAXX 6 inch Oval Tube Step Bars
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Available in Polished Stainless or Black
Westin's Pro Traxx® 6 Oval Tube Step are cab-length steps for full-sized trucks that are functionally ideal with monstrous appeal. They feature extra heavy-duty bold step pads and a unique oval tube shape in a straight tube design. Applications are vehicle specific bolt-on and no-drill. Available in polished stainless steel, backed by a lifetime warranty, and black powder coated mild steel, backed by a 3 year warranty.
Pro Trax Wheel to Wheel  Westin PRO TRAXX 5 inch Wheel to Wheel
Oval Tube Step Bars

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Polished Stainless or Black

Westin Automotive's Pro Traxx 5 Oval W2W Step feature a heavy-duty step pad that provides a wider and more secure step area. The Wheel-to-Wheel length step includes a third step beyond the cab for easy access to the truck bed.
They feature 30 degree OE style bends that have seamless domed ends so there are no end-caps or exposed bolt heads.
Applications are no-drill, which makes installation easy! Available in stainless and black powder coat finish. Backed by a 3 year warranty.
Westin GenX Step Bars

Now also Available in Wheel to Wheel for late model Silverado and Sierra
Genx Wheel to Wheel Nerf Bars
Westin GenX Oval Tube Nerf Step Bars
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The GenX Oval Tube Nerf Step combines a street style accent bar together with
an off-road style drop step, which decreases step-up distance by 6" for easy
vehicle access
Now available in Polished Stainless!
Westin HDX Drop Steps NEW
Westin HDX Drop Steps
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Westin HDX Drop Steps are heavy duty, rugged, extreme truck gear that provide the look, feel and function truck lovers want. They features die-stamped, slip resistant wide step areas and are mounted with a tight fit to the rocker panel. Solid one-piece steel construction. They feature a chiseled, stylized look in a textured black finish.

Westin HDX Xtreme Running Boards  Westin HDX Xtreme Running Boards
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Get a secure step up with these rugged HDX Xtreme Running Boards from Westin.
HDX Xtreme Running Boards are a solid 1-piece construction and feature oversized step areas with injection molded polymer step pads. Chiseled style and textured black powder coat finish.
Vehicle specific mount kit is included.

HDX Xtreme Boards Step pad

Westin Stainless R7 Running Boards
Westin R7 Running Boards Black
Westin R7 Running Boards
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Westin R7 Running Boards are a massive 7" wide and feature oversized step pads and OE style traction grooves. R7 Boards are sold in complete kits that include: Driver and passenger-side step, vehicle specific mount kit, and come with injection molded bracket covers for an extra clean look. R7 Boards are available in polished stainless steel backed by a lifetime warranty, and black powder coated aluminum backed by a 3-year warranty.

Westin R7 Running Boards
Westin Platunim Oval Series
Stainless Steel Truck Nerf Bars

Stainless Steel 4" Wide Oval Truck Steps
Platinum Oval Stainless Steel Truck Step Bars are made from an elliptical shaped bar and provide a wider
 step surface. The step pad features a molded multi-level design for a sleek look. Platinum Oval Step Bars
 maximize Westin’s quality engineering and provide a unique custom look. Polished stainless steel Oval Steps
 are backed by Westin’s exclusive Lifetime Warranty. They are easy to maintain for a continuous shine and
 long life. The mild steel black powdercoat Oval Steps come with a 3 Year Warranty.
  • 90 degree mandrel bends
  • 3.75” wide step pad
  • 4” wide oval bar
  • Saddle step pad

Wheel to Wheel!
Westin Platunim Oval Series
Stainless Steel Wheel to Wheel Truck Nerf Bars

The latest addition to the Westin Step Bar Style products.
Platinum Oval Wheel-2-Wheel Step Bars are made from an elliptical shaped bar that provide a
wider step surface.
The step pad hugs the mild or stainless steel bar and with a molded multi-level design.
Platinum Oval W2W Step Bars maximize Westin's quality engineering and provide a unique custom look.
Available in Polished stainless steel or Black Powdercoat
Stainless Nerf Bars Westin E-Series SS Step Bars - with Stainless Steel Brackets

E-Series SS step bars are a complete Maxium Rust Protection package.
We start with our 3" round highly polished 304 stainless steel bars,
add in our UV resistant Westin step pad and finish them off with stainless steel
step bars for those areas that need extra corrosion protection.
  Westin E Series Truck Step Bars
Competitively Priced Alternative to higher priced steps!
Westin’s 3rd generation of Round Steps, E-Series Bars are the ultimate in cross quality features that
Westin has to offer. They are designed with the best of Signature and Platinum Bar features built-in.
With functionality and longevity at the core, E-Series Bars put satisfying your needs, whether looks,
 longevity, or function, within reach at a competitive price. A lifetime shine is easy to maintain and
Westin’s Lifetime Warranty seals the deal on the Polished stainless steel step bars.
Also available in black powdercoat mild steel to meet your detail matching needs.
Westin offers a 3 Year Warranty on E-Series mild steel Bars.
Westin HDX Diamond Tread Black Textured Running Boards
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Made of heavy-duty commercial grade steel, Westin's HDX Running Boards are ideal for the workplace truck and also have tremendous appeal with off-road enthusiasts because of their extreme durability and classic diamond tread material. The HD style diamond tread provides a textured step area and features Westin's textured black powder coat finish for added appeal. Each board features a 1-inch splash guard that is integrated with the step surface made of a continuous single sheet of metal that preserves the integrity of the material. Each board includes a useful boot scraper at the front-end of the board for convenient clean-up prior to getting into the vehicle after a dirty job or some off-road fun. Westin HDX Running Boards are proudly designed, engineered, and made in the U.S.A.
Westin Thrasher Boards NEW!  Thrasher Boards from Westin Automotive
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Westin Thrasher Boards feature a rugged 1-piece stamped steel construction and indented louvers along the step area for maximum traction.  An aggressive pre-runner style design and textured black powder coat finish combine to create a distinctive product that stands out from the crowd.  The Thrasher Boards also feature our new injection molded bracket covers for a finished look.
Westin Signature Series Nerf Bars
Westin Signature Series Truck Side Steps are made from rugged 3" diameter
steel tubing and feature non-skid recessed step areas for secure foot placement.
 Step Bars come in your choice of either Brilliant Chrome or durable
Gloss Black Powdercoat.  Backed by a 5 year guarantee.
Westin Platinum Series Nerf Bars
Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Truck Side Steps

Westin “Platinum Series” truck step bars feature stainless steel tube finished
with chrome plating or black semi-gloss powdercoat paint that provides
maximum rust-free performance and are backed by a lifetime warranty against rust.
 All Platinum Series Step Bars feature Westin’s easy no-drill installation.
  Westin Premier 6" Wide Oval Side Bars

Westin introduces their new Premier 6" Oval Tube Steps in a highly Polished Stainless Steel or Black Powdercoat Mild Steel finish. The new Premier 6" Oval Side Bars offer tough, solid construction with a sleek, OE-style 5" step pad.  Each mounting kit (included) is exactly machined for a No-Drill Installation.

Westin Saddle Pad Oval Tube
Stainless Steel Oval Tube Steps

Universal Saddle-Pad Oval Tubes are visibly similar in design to Westin’s original Oval Tube but there are four very distinct differences. Saddle-Pad step pads sit snug on the tube body with a higher and more robust appearance. They are uniquely offered in a polished stainless steel finish and are also available in e-coated black powdercoated mild steel. They have capped ends for a finished look and in addition to their visibly distinct characteristics, Westin Saddle-Pad Oval Tubes still feature more uniqueness than perceived at first sight. A hidden track mounting system on which a “C” coupling bracket plate slides along the underside track increases its usage and creates their universal application. And that’s the beauty of it.

Westin Sure Grip Aluminum Running Boards
with Mount Kit

An “original” Westin board design, Sure-Grip Boards are an ideal vehicle addition.
 The step area is padded with a maximum slip resistant rubber strip made from a
 channeled mold. This “Sure-Grip” rubber strip is securely adhered to the extruded aluminum board and lines the step surface to full length.
You can confidently rely on “Sure-Grip” to provide a step surface you can trust.

Molded end caps are uniquely designed to enhance the finished look.
Sure-Grip Boards maximize Westin’s quality engineering and merge it with a
unique custom look. Choose from brite, brushed, or black finish.
Westin Step Boards Westin Step Boards Running Boards



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