Vinyl and Fabric Protectant Sealer and Cleaner

RaggTop Vinyl and Fabric Protectant, Sealer, and Cleaner

RaggTopp vinyl care products are unbeatable for renewing truck bed tonneau covers, sport utility tops, car bras, convertible tops,
 boat covers, awnings, hot tub covers, and lawn furniture.

RaggTopp "miracle" formulas were developed especially to care for canvas and vinyl .
RaggTopp Cleaner will deep-clean light colors and brighten dark shades. RaggTopp Fabric and Vinyl Protectants will seal surfaces, making them water and fade resistant. They also guard against UV damage, smog, tree sap, bird droppings, salt, tar, grease, and mildew.

Now you can maintain canvas, vinyl, and even flexible plastic convertible windows. Add this service to your detail business, or use the products on your treasured vehicle.

RaggTopp formulas are easy to use and can be applied in direct sunlight.

The RaggTopp Cleaner and Protectants will simply amaze your eyes!
You won't believe the difference they can make!

WOLFSTEINS Tonneau Cover Cleaner

• Exclusively Formulated for Fabric and Vinyl Tonneau Covers

• Safely Removes the Toughest Soils and Stains

• Will Not Harm Truck Finish, Metal, Plastic, Rubber or Wood Finishes

• Anti-Oxidant, Low pH, No Bleach Formula Leaves No Residue

• Environmentally Friendly & Biodegradable.  Non-Toxic

• Easy to Rinse

Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner #01156



WOLFSTEINS Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant

Wolfsteins Pro-Series Vinyl Protectant was developed exclusively for exterior protection against environmental elements.  Patented formula contains Cibaฎ Tinuvin 5151 UV blockers to refract harmful sunlight and keeps vinyl looking like-factory- new.

• Exclusively Formulated for Exterior/Interior Commercial Vinyl Products

• Contains NO Silicone Oils or Petroleum Distillates

• Patented Formula Repels Dust, Grease, Dirt and the Growth of Mildew

• Contains UV Blockers

• Can Be Used On All Vinyl Products Without Streaking

• Easy Application-Spray On, Wipe Dry

Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Protectant #01157


  RAGGTOPP Leather Cleaner

The first Leather Cleaner and Leather Protectant with UV developed exclusively for convertible automobile leather interiors.   Patented pending quick drying, non-oily, non-residue, non-tacky formula safely cleans perspiration, salt and oil from fine leather.   Contains NO waxes, oils or solvent and is hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin.   UV blockers from CIBA add extra protection to leather and stitching exposed to the elements. • Deep cleans and revitalizes leather exposed to the sun, sweat, body oils and stains.

• Designed specifically for the convertible enthusiast, driver and athlete.

• For use on all standard, perforated grained, top coated and aniline automotive leather.

• Cleans gently without harming the natural beauty and leather feel.

• Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic.

• Neutral formulation helps to maintain the leather’s ideal pH.

• Hypo Allergenic for sensitive skin.

• Leaves NO Residue.

• Contains No Waxes, Oils or Solvents.

RAGGTOPP Leather Protectant with UV Blockers

• Repels water, resists cracking and scuffing to preserve and extend the life of your finest leather automotive interiors

• For use on all standard, perforated grained, top coated and aniline automotive leather.

• UV Blockers reduce leather fading and break-down caused by exposure to the sun.

• NO harmful fumes waxes, oils or lanolin to clog leather pores.

• Hypo Allergenic for sensitive skin.

• Penetrates leather with an exclusive fluoropolymer formula that bonds to the top coat leather.

• Great to use on leather accents, steering wheel covers, shifter covers and dash accents.

• Protects against body perspiration & oil which causes premature drying and cracking.

RAGGTOP Leather Cleaner & Protectant Care Kit #01148

RaggTopp Vinyl Kit
RaggTopp Cleaner & Vinyl Protectant Kit contains both the silicone-free, UV-blocking RaggTopp Protectant and the biodegradable, grease-busting RaggTopp Cleaner.

Each formula is easy to use and can be applied in direct sunlight. Use on vinyl convertible tops, SUV's, bras, tonneau covers & marine vinyl bimini tops. On any type of vinyl interior or exterior! The Kit is also great savings!

RAGGTOP Vinyl Care Kit #01164


RAGGTOP Fabric Care Kit

RaggTopp Cleaner & Fabric Protectant Kit contains both the silicone-free, UV-blocking RaggTopp Fabric Protectant and the biodegradable, grease-busting RaggTopp Cleaner.
These products are easy to use and can be applied in direct sunlight. Because RAGGTOPP Protectant does not contain Silicone, it will not harm the paint, chrome, glass, or plastic windows of your convertible.  On any type of fabric interior or exterior! The Kit is also great savings!

RAGGTOP Fabric Care Kit #01165



RaggTopp Cleanerpadrenews faded fabric and vinyl convertible tops and tonneau covers like no other product. Canvas and vinyl become weakened from acidic pollution, which causes serious damage to the materials. Without regular cleaning, canvas becomes stiff and develops dark creases. vinyl peels, cracks and turns yellow.

Biodegradable, RaggTopp Cleaner is a natural degreaser. It's high foaming action easily releases ground-in soil and greasy build-up. It clings to vertical surfaces instead of running down your vehicle's paint. It rinses off instantly, and can even be used without water.

RaggTopp Cleaner may be applied in direct sunlight, which makes it one of the easiest formulas to use. A new, 16 oz. spray bottle also makes it a lot easy to apply on windy days.

RAGGTOP Vinyl and Fabric Cleaner #02143

RaggTopp Vinyl Protectant is new and super tough. It is our most durable water-based protectant, making it ideal for constant UV protection.

RaggTopp Vinyl Protectant Facts:
  • Tested and endorsed by HAARTZ, the world's leading manufacturer of convertible top materials.
  • Exclusively formulated for exterior protection without streaking.
  • Contains no silicone or petroleum solvents.
  • Unique patented formula will not harm automotive paint, aluminum, exterior trim, plastic or rubber.
  • First and only vinyl protectant to use Ciba Tinuvin ultraviolet (UV) blocking absorbers.
  • Repels dust, grease, airborne pollutants, and the growth of mildew.
  • May be used on convertible soft plastic windows. Keeps them from turning yellow and becoming brittle.
  • Excellent for pick-up covers, marine vinyl, vinyl awnings,
    and hot tub covers!

    (We recommend pre-cleaning with RaggTopp's Vinyl Cleaner and reapplying the Vinyl Protectant every 2-3 months.)

    RAGGTOP Vinyl Protectant #01141



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