Subwoofer Boxes Camaro 2010-Current

Sealed, Ported and Side Pocket Styles Available


Ported available in single 12" 
Sealed available in dual 10" or 12"

Side Pocket available in 10"


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CAM195P - Ported
For one 12" subwoofer

Total cu.ft. 1.95, per sub cu.ft 1.95

7 1/2" mounting depth

(External Port to be added after installation. Port may be cut to different lengths for different tuning frequency)

CAM195PC12 $105.00

cam sealed
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CAM195 - Sealed
For two 10" or 12" subwoofers

Total cu.ft. 1.95, per sub cu.ft 0.98

7 1/2" mounting depth

(for two 10")
(for two 12")

CAmp Pock
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CAM50 - Side Pocket
For one 10" subwoofer

side pocket driver and or passenger

Total cu.ft. 0.50

5 5/8" mounting depth 

Drivers & Passenger Sides
Drivers Side Only
Side Only


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