Speaker Spacer Rings

Spacer rings are cut from 3/4" MDF

Speaker Spacers can be added to some
subwoofer enclosures to get more mounting depth.



Size Model# Price  
4" SPR4 14.95 pr
5.25 SPR5.25 15.95 pr.
6.5 SPR6.5 16.95 pr.
8" SPR8 15.95 ea.
10" SPR10 16.95 ea.
12" SPR12 17.95 ea.
15" SPR15 20.95 ea.
8' SPQ8 16.95 ea.
10" SPQ10 17.95 ea.
12" SPQ12 19.95 ea.
15" SPQ15 22.95 ea.
DUAL 5.25" 245DP 14.95 ea.
TRIPLE 5.25" 345DP 23.95 ea.
QUAD 5.25" 445DP 34.95 ea.

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