Tailgate EasyLift Tailgate Lifter by Hoppy Mfg

Now you can open and close your tailgate with a single finger! 
The new Tailgate EasyLift by Hoppy removes 80% of your
tailgate's weight and installs in about 15 minutes! 
You'll never struggle again to lift or lower your tailgate!

See Our Easy To Follow Installation Video Below or
Click Here for text Installation Instructions (includes list of trucks that EasyLift will not work for)

Please see Installation Instructions to see if the
Tailgate EasyLift is compatible with your vehicle!

Tailgate must be removable and be at least 62 inches in width and 19 inches tall. See below for more fit verifications
(will not work with trucks that have backup cameras in the tailgate)


NOTE The EasyLift will not work with the following trucks:

2004 and newer Ford F150, has tailgate assist as std. feature
vehicle has a pin that is right where the hole needs to be drilled.  It is strongly recommend to not drill anywhere near that pin

2008 and newer Ford Super Duty (F250, F350, F450), tailgate assist std. feature
  was optional on 2005-2007 Super Duty models

2007 and newer Chevrolet Siverado/GMC Sierra, tailgate assist as
   optional feature, but double wall bed construction prevents use of EZ lift

2009 and newer Dodge Ram, has tailgate assist as std. feature

2007 and newer Toyota Tundra, has tailgate assist as std. feature

All years Nissan Titan, has tailgate assist as std. feature

Generally, will not work with smaller trucks, Ford (Ranger), Chevrolet/GMC (S10, S15, Colorado)
Dodge (Dakota), Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, as the tailgates on these
smaller trucks are too light for this torsion bar.  Also, will often not work
with step-side models of full size trucks due to tailgate weight.


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