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Tailgate Tire Carrier, Tiregate Spare Tire Carrier

TireGate is the ultimate spare tire carrier.  Tiregate replaces your truck tailgate with a swing-away spare tire carrier and tailgate combination.
Made in U.S.A.

Upgrade your tailgate with our TireGate!

Variety of Models Available
The TireGate is mounted directly into the factory tailgate mount positions
with no cutting, drilling, or welding required.

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TireGate Prerunner Series
The PRERUNNER Series is our signature TireGate.
This tough carrier allows you to haul up to a 40" tire (35" tire on small/mid size Tiregates) while maintaining your truck's ground clearance and bed space.  The TireGate is easy to open and can be angled either inward for an aggressive, off-road prerunner look or, by repositioning two pivot bolts, outward for maximum bed space and a chase vehicle look. The carrier opens wide to allow easy and complete access to your truck bed.
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The VT Series TireGate is mounted vertically behind the truck, over the rear bumper. It opens wide to allow full access to the truck bed and does not change your cargo space. Priced right, it is our most economical tire carrier. This tough carrier allows you to haul up to a 40" tire (35" tire on small/mid size Tiregates) while maintaining your truck's ground clearance and bed space.
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Tiregate RaceRunner tailgate spare tire carrier
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The Tiregate RACERUNNER replaces the factory tailgate to carry an oversize spare tire while maintaining easy access and use of the truck bed.  Designed for aggressive off-road use, the spare tire mounts low and centered in the truck bed to maintain a low center of gravity and maximum rear visibility.
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Tiregate Hitch Gate Series

This new swing-away spare tire carrier mounts to your 2" (Class III or greater) receiver in minutes. The HitchGate is perfect for SUVs, Jeeps, vans and pickup trucks. It opens wide to allow full access to the vehicle's cargo space. This tough universal tire carrier allows you to carry up to a 40" spare tire while maintaining the vehicle's ground clearance, cargo space, and minimal change to your departure angles. The HitchGate simply slides directly into your 2" tow receiver. Tighten our exclusive "Wedge Lock" draw bolt, install your hitch cross pin and you're ready to go!
TireGate Truck Bed Mount Tire Carrier

Tiregate Bed Mount tire carrier is designed and fabricated to the same high standards as our swing away tire carriers.  In fact we use the same Y Bar, urethane wheel cone, and wheel safety tether cable that our top rated swing away PR and HT Series Tiregates use. To improve over ALL competitors we use the largest mount plates in the industry to help spread the loads over a much greater area, this maximizes mounting strength to your truck for offroad use.  In addition to the large mounting plates a flush mounted D-Ring is welded to the Upper Mount Plate to connect our exclusive safety Tether Cable acting like a leash from your truck to your spare wheel.
ADV Rack Spare Tire Mount Wilco Offroad ADV Rack System
The Wilco Off-Road ADV Rack combines over-the-cab cargo management with secure mounting for an oversized spare tire keeping the bed free

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Upgrade your tailgate with our TireGate! 

Made in U.S.A. 

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