Tiregate Vertical Series

Upgrade your tailgate with our TireGate!

Upgrade your tailgate with a TireGate!
Carry an Over Size Spare Tire While Maintaining Your Truck’s Ground Clearance and Bed Space!

     VT Gate, shown with optional Hi-Lift jack mount
     (p/n: HL65000-B)
The VT TireGate line is perfect for camping, crawling, working or everyday use. The VT Series TireGate is mounted vertically behind the truck, over the rear bumper. It opens wide to allow full access to the truck bed and does not change your cargo space. This tough carrier allows you to haul up to a 40" tire (35" tire on small size Tiregates) while maintaining your truck's ground clearance and bed space. The TireGate is mounted directly into the factory tailgate mount positions with no cutting, drilling, or welding required (on most vehicles) *.

* 1999-2007 Ford F-250/F-350 requires drilling for extra bracing.

• MIG welded tubular and monocoque construction – 2” diameter heavy wall steel tube for durability and strength. (1 3/4" diameter heavy wall on small/mid size Tiregates)

• Every TireGate is powder coated with black polyester semi-gloss and is equipped with zinc plated hardware for long lasting performance in extreme conditions.

• Grade 8 high-strength bolts

• 2 latching pins with high shear strength rating to ensure your TireGate stays on and in place when you need it to most.

• 150 lb cargo capacity (load tested to 1,000 lbs.)

• Theft resistant

Not recommended for trucks with fiberglass fenders without additional bracing.

• Mount a Hi-Lift Jack with optional bolt kit(requires bolt kit. p/n: HL65000-B)

NEW Dimpled heavy gage panel for cargo retention and strength

• Made in the USA – To maintain the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, the TireGate is completely designed and fabricated in the United States.

• Safety tether cable for wheel safety and security.

• Our innovative patented design is engineered to maximize your truck’s bed space while maintaining the level of quality that you won’t find on any other bed/tire carrier product.

• Available for most truck makes and models – We are continuously adding new makes and models to our lineup. If you don’t see your truck in our lineup, ask us, it will probably be available soon.

• Available accessories: hi-lift jack mounts (p/n: HL65000-B)

• May improve truck's aerodynamics and may improve gas mileage.

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Wilco Products Warranty and Warnings

Safety cable may be used with a pad lock for security

     Dual latching pins for safety




VT Series (Vertical)TireGate – Full size Trucks and Nissan Titan
Make Year Model Part Number   Hi-Lift Jack Mounting Kit
Chevrolet/GMC 2007-Current 1500, 2500, 3500
(Not 2007 Classic)
GM80018-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
Chevrolet/GMC 1999 - 2007 Classic 1500 - 3500
(Old Body Style)
GM80001-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
Chevrolet/GMC 1989 - 1998 1500 - 3500 GM80015-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
Dodge 2002-Current Ram 1500 - 3500
(2003 & up -  2500/3500)
D80006-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
Dodge 1994 - 2001 Ram 1500 - 3500
(up to 2002 2500/3500)
D80014-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
Ford 2008-2013 F250 - F350
(Requires drilling of six 1/4 inch holes)
FD80002-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
Ford 1999 - 2007 F250 - F350
(Requires drilling of six 1/4 inch holes)
FD80017-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
Ford 1997 - 2003 F150 Standard Bed
Not Step side
FD80005-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
Ford 2004-2014 F150 Standard Bed
Not StepSide
FD80002-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
Nissan 2004 - 2015 Titan N80003-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
Toyota 2007-Current Tundra TY80019-VT $799.00 HL65000-B
VT Series (Vertical)TireGate – Small and Mid Size Trucks
Make Year Model Part Number   Hi-Lift Jack Mounting Kit
Chevy / GMC 2004-2012 Colorado / Canyon GM80004-VT $795.00 HL65000-B
Ford 1993-2011 Ranger FD80010-VT $795.00 HL65000-B
Nissan 2005-Current Frontier N80012-VT $795.00 HL65000-B
Toyota 2005-Current Tacoma - Regular Cab / Access Cab / Double Cab TY80008-VT $795.00 HL65000-B
Toyota 1995 - 2004 Tacoma - Regular Cab / Access Cab / Double Cab TY80013-VT $795.00 HL65000-B

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