Towing Lights Tow Light Bars

Wireless Tow Lights Magnetic Mount Wireless

Custer Heavy Duty Tow Light Bars

Available in 24", 36" and 48" models - round or oval lights - 4 colors available

Also Available in LED!

Split Lens Towing Light

Extra Strong Lexan Lens. Red Brake/Tail Lights and Amber Turn/4 Way Flashers.


Economical Tow Light Bars



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Hot New Product!

A wireless camera system with built in NIGHT VISON used to hitch up your enclosed trailer, camper, snowplow, boat trailer, horse trailer or anything to your vehicle fast in 3 easy steps. Mount the magnetic camera on your tail gate, View yourself backing up and then
Now with a reverse image to make backing up easier!
Back Up Lights
White Night Rear Lighting System

The White Night mounts to your truck's receiver hitch and features two 55 watt high-output halogen lamps (130,000 candle power of light) in a high impact black plastic case. The lamps are angled to throw an 80-foot spread of white light whenever the vehicle is in reverse. So whether your camping and in need of a quick light source, or just trying not to back into your neighbor's picket fence, the White Night Light System will be an asset to you and your truck.
Clamp On Backup Light by Bully Clamp On Backup Light by Bully

Patented clamp secures lights onto any rear bumper
Tap into your backup wire without splicing

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