Truck Nutz Mounting Lock and Anchor Shackle

Nutz Lock!

Here's the newest idea to come along and possibly the greatest!
Use this Nut Lock and Anchor Shackle to mount Your Nutz!
Here's the best part. Because of the key lock feature, you can put them on and take them off in a FLASH!

Get a set with your order today

Nutz Lock

This is the best way yet that I've seen to attach any set of nutz larger than 4 inches!!!
It'll attach to your trailer hitch, bumper, undercarriage, spare tire, substructure or where ever you might want to put them. Here's the greatest part! Because they connect with a lock and key you can install them or uninstall them in a flash! Hey is it okay to say flash when talking about Your Nutz? Get one with your set of nutz today. They will work with any set of nutz larger than 4 inches! - Use with or without the Anchor Shackle below.

Nut lock $12.00


Anchor Shackle

This is what you'll need to turn the nutz 90 degrees when you mount them. I think you should get one to give you the greatest mounting flexibility

Anchor Shackle $3.00



No ImageReceiver Hitch Lock - $19.95  

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