TruckVault Extreme Series

The tough top allows you to haul heavy loads.

Extreme Series all-weather vaults are the ideal solution for open-bed pickup and SUT owners whose rugged outdoor lifestyles demand security as well as durable waterproof protection. 
With its sleek contoured design and heavy duty surface coating, the Extreme Series will keep your valuables organized and safe through rain, sleet, snow, mud, desert sands or swampy back country.  Featuring tough, all weather Vector Locks and strong American construction, this revolutionary new product line is the vehicle storage solution that you have been waiting for.  Whether you drive offroad or on the highway, the Extreme Series offers you the peace of mind and protection that you deserve mile after mile. 

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Two locked drawers provide enough organized secure storage for all your tools with enough room left over for the rest of your toys. The durable all-weather Vector Locks provide the highest level in safety and security.

Package Includes:

  • Heavy Duty surface Coating
  • 2,000lb top Loading Capacity
  • 2 Long, 2 Short carpeted dividers
  • Cinder colored interior carpet
  • Roller & caster system
  • Spring-loaded handles
  • Strong & Durable composite finish
  • All-Weather Vector Locks
  • 1 Year Warranty
Available Upgrades:
  • Extra dividers

The durable all-weather surface coating protects the unit from water as well as wear and tear.

Features and available upgrades

Five-button Simplex Combination Lock with key override
5-Button Simplex Combination Lock with Key Override
All-Weather VectorLock
All-Weather VectorLock
(only available with Extreme Series)
Black T-Handle Lock
Black T-Handle Lock
Silver T-Lock
Silver T-Lock
Carpet colors
Black Carpet Sample
Cinder Carpet Sample
Grey Carpet Sample
Beige Carpet Sample
Note: Colors shown on screen may not match final color.
Appearance will vary from computer to computer.
Spring-Loaded Handle
Spring-Loaded Handle
Standard Black Handle
Standard Black Handle (CC's Only)
One-Drawer Vault Divider Configuration Sample
One-Drawer Standard TruckVault with three diagonal carpeted dividers.
Two-Drawer Vault Divider Configuration Sample
Two-Drawer Offset TruckVault with two short and two long repositionable carpeted dividers.
Photography Divider Sample
Multiple Diagonal Divider Sample Multiple Long/Short Divider Sample
Additional dividers and custom layouts are always available.
Contact us for more information.
Face Finishes
Dark-Stained Oak TruckVault Face Detail
Black Composite TruckVault Face Detail




Roller & Caster System
TruckVaults use an exclusive design that works against the forces of gravity and friction to ensure that you experience the smoothest and most reliable performance while you are in the field or at play.
Additional Features
Table Extension
Table Extension
Map Board
Map Board
Steel Shroud
Steel Shroud
(note: Shroud comes carpeted
and is not visible)
Star Positioning Lock Knob
Star Positioning Lock Knob
(Map Boards and Chief CC's Only)

All Truck Vaults are custom made to order and are non-returnable unless there is a manufacturer error or defect.

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