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As any First Responder knows, setting up a Command Post quickly is critical to the success of the operation. The Bumperchute is so easy to install* that the Incident Commander can do it alone. In less than two minutes, the canopy provides a secure work environment and glare reduction to make electronic data easier to read. Bumperchute extends almost three feet beyond the opened lift gate providing you that additional much needed overhead protection. Side panel windows have interior flaps which can be open for visibility or closed for shade. Side panel has 3M Scotchlite™ Reflective trim which increases nighttime visibility.

Overhead coverage extends almost three feet beyond the opened liftgate to provide additional overhead protection. Provides shade and shelter. Decreases work space glare. No guy lines or anchor weights to trip over. Compact and easy to stow. Entire set-up stuffs into a 26” bag. Side panel windows have interior flaps which can be open for visibility or closed for shade. Brow has velcro sewn on. Handy built-in instructions.

*Your vehicle needs a minimum the factory roof rack for this product to work.



Need a lift?


Our new TruckVault Lift Technology product allows you to place a full sized TruckVault in your Explorer PPV and retain quick access to your full size spare without a hassle.

TruckVault's Lift Technology uses air assist cylinders to make lifting the entire unit a snap. Simple in design, it's all steel construction is engineered for heavy service and will last throughout the life of the vehicle.

Only available for the Ford Explorer PPV at this time.

TruckVault for the Bow Hunter
The thrill of the hunt

Bowhunting is a challenging sport that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. New equipment is being released daily in the bowhunting industry and TruckVault is no exception. Our TruckVault Bowhunter was developed with these thoughts, and the Bowhunting sportsman, in mind. Securing valuable equipment is always in the forefront of every hunter’s mind. Hours can be spent away from your vehicle in remote locations and securing the accessories that may be left behind or out in your truck during an overnight hotel stay is a concern.

The TruckVault Bowhunter addresses those concerns and leaves you with the peace of mind you want while out in the field. Two ample left hand drawers allow plenty of room for fully dressed bows, arrows, range finders, trail cameras, and other necessary accessories while a divider in each drawer can be custom positioned to keep your accessory gear separated and organized. The large right hand drawer gives you plenty of room for all of your gear including day packs, boots, camo, tree stand rope, and much more. This drawer also comes with a divider package that will allow you to securely transport or store your scoped firearm as well or folding tree stand saw. Available in carpeted or an all-weather coated version for maximum protection from the elements, our Bowhunter can handle all of your gear needs and then some. Secured with a push-button key override or weatherproof compression locks the TruckVault Bowhunter is an excellent complement to your hunting vehicle.

truckvault for the fisherman

Tackle your local waterway

Our TruckVault Guide Series Rod System was created with the active fisherman in mind. Designed as an add-on, but can be purchased as a standalone piece, this rugged rod box is just what is called for when extra storage space is needed.

Available in carpeted or all-weather coated for maximum protection from the elements, our Rod System attaches in minutes and can handle multiple rod/reel combos or breakdown rods in tubes. Secured with a keyed black t-handle lock, the rod system is an excellent complement to your fishing repertoire.

ATV / Power Sports

Developing TruckVault products that were geared to meet the ever evolving world of ATV and motorcycle use was a true test for us but one we rose to gladly. We kept our eye an on two key elements, maximum performance and bulletproof reliability, knowing these qualities would be paramount in whatever we built for this market. We combined these two thoughts with what TruckVault specialized in on the security and organizational fronts and then pioneered the most innovative products of its kind in the secure in-vehicle storage solution market.

Top your build off with military grade tie down rails that offer multiple tie down options and you have the perfect product for securely storing all of your powersport tools and valuables while you are out on the trail.


Power when and where you need it

The TruckVault Technology Platform (TTP) is designed to provide power and lighting where you need it, when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Product features include:

  • TTP 12 volt power for charging and operating mobile devices (5v USB adapters available)
  • TTP provides 120 volt power inside drawers (inverter required)
  • cubbies and table extensions for laptops and other portable gear.
  • Heavy duty wiring and state of the art cable handling insure years of dependable service.

TTP Power Systems have a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Additional warranty coverage is available from the original manufacturer on some components.

truckvault for hiking & the great outdoors

Because it's there

Hiking and climbing are two outdoor activities that most everyone can enjoy; the benefits to one’s physical and mental health go without saying. Organizing and securing one’s equipment for either type of outing is important whether it be for a day hike, an overnight hike/pack in event, or larger scaled pursuit. You may find yourself having to leave your vehicle at a trailhead or remote parking area for extended periods of time and if this is the case you will want the peace of mind security a TruckVault secure in-vehicle storage system provides.

TruckVault makes products for virtually any make or model of vehicle on the road today including Extreme All-Weather versions for open bed pick-ups. No matter your level of expertise in the outdoors, TruckVault has a standard or custom solution that can be developed for your specific need. With a TruckVault in your vehicle you can feel at ease leaving valuables behind while enjoying the great outdoors.


Swing with confidence

The GolfVault by TruckVault is your answer to in-vehicle secure storage for all of your valuable golf equipment. Drivers, irons, putters, laser rangefinders, shoes, bags, balls, rain gear, and umbrellas all are not cheap individually – together they add up into the thousands of dollars; many have invested hundreds in custom fitting these items. The last thing you want to worry about while you are away from your vehicle is someone stealing it all. TruckVault products are designed to custom fit in your vehicle to secure valuables in an out of sight out of mind manner with a variety of locking mechanisms and are endorsed by thousands of Law Enforcement agencies around the world.

If you are as serious about your equipment as you are your game - you can put your trust in a GolfVault to safely and securely store your valuable golf equipment.

All TruckVaults are custom made to order and are non-returnable
unless there is a manufacturer error or defect.

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