TruckVault Gone Green

You have probably noticed that green is everywhere these days – in the news, politics, fashion and even in the manufacturing & technology sectors and now TruckVault is proud to announce that we have joined the “GREEN” revolution. The truth is that every single thing we do every day has an impact on the planet. At TruckVault we took a very close look at the impact our manufacturing footprint created and decided to make changes for the better of the environment based off of those findings.

The single largest area of improvement we could make with TruckVault products was in the choice of what plywood products we decided to use. After extensive research we chose to work with a lighter, sustainably harvested, material called Sande Lite; a product that is CARB (California Air Resource Board) compliant and carries the strictest emission certification to be found in the US! The use of Sande Light also lightened up our products by 30% which saved on fuel costs in shipping and eventually helps save on fuel costs for consumers once their TruckVault is installed in their vehicles.

Our carpet, purchased from Rontex America, Inc., is made from post consumer content-recycled materials which reduces landfill quantities of polyester polymers. Added benefits of Rontex carpeting are that it will not mold, mildew or rot. It also resists most stains, will not ravel or fray and it reduces vibration (provides sound dampening) while also reducing harmful moisture condensation. In addition our carpet glue, made by Roberts Adhesives, is GreenGuard certified to be environmentally friendly.

All of our hardware including rollers, casters, handles, locks, etc. are all made of recyclable metals and plastics.

Our rubber mat material from RB rubber is made of 97% recycled rubber and easily cleans up with soap and water.

Our aluminum tie down rails, tie down clamps and iron U-channel is all recyclable material.



On average, the new lighter standard TruckVaults made of Sande Light material are 30% lighter…and lighter TruckVaults mean better fuel economy for you! Lighter also means better fuel economy for our shipper which means less C02 emissions and a smaller carbon footprint which is very good for our planet!

Sande Lite is engineered with only hardwood veneers, making it far superior in performance and adaptable for uses not only in construction, but also in commercial applications such as cabinets, furniture, architetcural components, and yes, TruckVaults!

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