Truck Bed Air Mattresses by Truck Bedz and Air Bedz

Camping in the great outdoors is much more comfortable with an inflatable air mattress custom made for your truck!  Use it in the truck or pull it out to use in your tent.
AirBedz Air Mattresses
Cutouts on both sides permit the mattress to conform around and also over the wheel wells within the truck bed, developing a sleep area that uses the whole truck bed. A built-in air coil system evenly distributes weight across a 12 inch thick bed mattress
AirBedz Lite PVC Air Mattress
The AirBedz® Lite offers a comfortable and fast solution to truck-bed camping. Perfect for outdoor trips and events, offers convenience and quality for a good night's sleep.
Rightline Gear Air Mattress Truck Bed Air Mattresses by Rightline Gear
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Sleep in your truck bed, up off the ground, completely dry, in total comfort.
Sportz Air Mattress
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Made of durable, heavy-duty vinyl and features a custom size to fit perfectly in your truck or SUV. Don’t worry about packing a pump or locating power to inflate this mattress—features a built-in, hand-powered air pump.
Truck Bedz Air Mattresses
Truck-Bedz offers the best solution for the active outdoor enthusiasts sleeping in the back of their pickup truck. Our Truck-bedz are designed to fit around the wheel wells of your truck, maximizing your sleeping comfort!