Wireless Tow Lights

Wireless Tow Lights 

Bully Wireless Tow Light Package
with Magnetic Mounts

NV-5164 $139.95


Wireless Tow-Lights can cover you if you have an older trailer that’s not equipped with built-in taillights, or you just want an auxiliary system to provide more on-road visibility. The  package includes two super-bright LED tow lights and a remote transmitter. The transmitter plugs into your tow vehicle’s trailer harness outlet using a four-prong male connector with a 6-foot harness. A magnetic base on the transmitter allows it to be attached to any ferrous-metal surface.
The tow lights (left and right) are wired together and share a receiver. A four-prong female harness is also available if your vehicle is not already wired for towing a boat trailer. The transmitter requires no batteries, although the tow lights run on six AA batteries each. These units operate as turn signals, taillights and brake lights.

The new generation of LED-based products offer longer life and greater durability than conventional incandescent-bulb trailer lighting systems. That saves you money, as well as time. Fact is, you might be buying your next boat before these babies burn out!

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A wireless camera system with built in NIGHT VISON used to hitch up your enclosed trailer, camper, snowplow, boat trailer, horse trailer or anything to your vehicle fast in 3 easy steps. Mount the magnetic camera on your tail gate, View yourself backing up and then
Now with a reverse image to make backing up easier!

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