Eclipse Retractable Windshield Visor Sun Shade

Protect Your Vehicle With The Original
Self-Retracting and Self-Storing
Car, Truck & Auto Sun Shade


  • Eclipse sunshade has metalized fabric to reflect solar rays
  • Custom sunshades sized for full windshield coverage
  • Beveled cut at bottom for best fit to dash
  • Mounted to windshield for full dash coverage
  • Pulls from each side for perfect fit around rear view mirror

  • Opens and closes in seconds
  • Automatic retractor system for drawing back the shade
  • Compact self storage right next to the windshield posts
  • Velcro fastening in the closed position
  • Removable with a twist of the wrist

  • Natural good looks and distinctive feel of fine fabric   
  • Metalized on the outside, polished silver on the inside
  • Low profile textured black retractor modules             
  • Elegant styling                                                          
  • High tech compliment to today s' vehicle designs       

  • Cycle tested to a minimum of 12,000 cycles
  • Premium quality woven polyester fabric
  • High strength spring steel
  • High temperature nylon retractor modules
  • Self lubricating Delrin retractor spools
  • High brake load strength monofilament cord
  • Aggressive bonding automotive mounting tape
  • Genuine leather pull tabs
  • Performance proven over many years in extreme climates

  • Only minutes to install
  • High performance adhesive for direct attachment to the windshield
  • No tools required
  • No holes in the windshield posts
  • No adhesive on the posts or dash
  • No new car warranty problems

  • Autos, buses and vans
  • Pickup trucks & rear windows as well
  • Motor homes and motor coaches
  • Vans (for conversion vans , or 29"+ windshields are higher priced , we need additional information in the "instructions" form, for the proper fit)
  • Semi-trucks can use them all day
  • Sunroofs
  • Boats & Airplanes (private alike)
  • Most Applications - $49.95

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    19" Sunshade
    20" Sunshade
    21" Sunshade
    22" Sunshade
    23" Sunshade
    24" Sunshade
    25" Sunshade
    26" Sunshade
    27" Sunshade
    28" Sunshade
    29" Sunshade


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