Vortekz  Generators



Vortex Generators are commonly used on aircrafts to prevent downstream flow separation and improves their overall performance by reducing drag. Vortekz™ Generators Delta Wings allow you to achieve similar results on any vehicle you own in only a few minutes.

Vortekz™ Generators can be used on all makes and models of Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Trailers, RVs, and any vehicle where there is downward air flow separation.


Installation of the 10 Delta Wings are quick and easy with our placement guides and 3M adhesive pads. The quick and easy 3 step installation can be found on each guide. Below is the expanded version where you only need alcohol and everyday household tape to avoid hurting your vehicle's paint job.

*Please note when installing Vortekz™ Generators in cold weather it is recommended to heat the surface of the vehicle as well as Delta Wings and adhesive pads or application will not work properly.

Determining your car’s point of air flow separation

The air flow separation point is when the air flowing over your car hits the point where your cars body design declines. On most vehicles it's the point where the rear of your roof transitions to the back windshield.

The optimal point of installation would be 100MM before the air flow separation point. On many vehicles the point is 100MM from their roofline. In the case of a dome shaped vehicle the Vortekz™ Generators Delta Wings should be optimally placed 100MM before the highest point in the roof and will need to be lined up accordingly.

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