ATV Ramp
The Ramp for Serious ATV Users
A Tailgate and Safe Loading Ramp


Tailgate Ramp

The loading ramp for your pickup truck that is
always with you when you need it!

Easy loading of your ATV, lawnmower, golf cart and
heavy loads of any type that need to be hauled in your truck.
Save your truck tailgate from destruction and
don't use it as part of your ramp.
Use a Tailgate and ramp designed for loading and unloading.
Each ramp is manufactured to fit your truck model for good fit.

Video Demonstration of
folding and unfolding of tailgate

Different from a regular fold up Ramp
Designed specifically for safety
  • Replaces original truck tailgate - customized for any model of pickup truck and easy to install
  • Just take off old tailgate put on the tailgate ramp and Put original tailgate in storage
  •  4 folding panels
  • Folds within itself for compact tailgate and ramp combination
  •  Attaches to truck just like original tailgate . 
  • We can make the tailgate longer to meet any work regulation specs up to 8ft.
  • For each 4 inches added over 6 1/2 ft the tailgate will be 1 inch taller (tailgate in picture is 7'6" long)
  • Long enough that the climb up is safe and easy
  • Built of heavy duty steel tubing to prevent warping and twisting
  • Slip resistant coating of Rhino Liner with embedded garnet granules
  • Two handles that also serve as a guard  rail
  • Handles make folding as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Extension Spring assistance attached to truck body makes closing tailgate easy for anyone. Tailgate weight is 8 lb. when closing and ramp is 34 lbs of weight to be lifted so most folks have no problem folding up the ramp.
  • Opens as a standard tailgate allowing normal pickup bed access when the ramp is not used
  •  Makes it easy to load items that roll or can be pulled, pushed or carried into a pickup
  • The frame is constructed of heavy walled square tubing with all joints mitered and welded
  • The deck is expanded metal welded solid all the way around.
  • The hinges are continuous piano type hinge that is rated at 160 pounds per linear inch
  • Each tailgate ramp is custom built to fit your model truck and your needs

1350 pound load capacity (The capacity decreases if angle is decreased)


Tailgate Ramps are made to order and require a lead time of 2-3 weeks before shipping.
Tailgate Ramps are available for all makes and models.  Please enter your truck year make and model at checkout where indicated.




6' Tailgate Ramp  $1165.00

 7' Tailgate Ramp  $1195.00

Please note that the 7' ramp is recommended for all 3/4 ton trucks!


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  • Optional Equipment - Rack for pickup bed (Side rails and rack made of 1 1/2" tubing. 2000 winch mounted in left corner. Hitch in center for double blocking. 2 large backup lights. The rack is covered with expanded metal.

Body rack with lights and winch

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Body rack with lights and winch

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