Brute HD Commercial Class Truck Boxes



We are proud to introduce our BRUTE HD products for heavy trucks. Something BRUTE knows a lot about. And for those of you who know heavy immediately notice the attention to detail in the way BRUTE produces and assembles these boxes. Starting with the smart design and reinforced corners then moving on to the hinges and top notch locking hardware. BRUTE products have always been innovative and sensibly designed. BRUTE products can withstand the harsh environment that professional truckers and contractors live and work in every day. We welcome you to compare these boxes to any brand you are comfortable with. We know the least we will do is come toe to toe with the best in the business.


Under Body w/ 2 Drawers

Under Body w/ Drop Down Door
Under Bed Truck Box Swing Out Door
Under Body w/ Side Swing / Barn Doors
Semi Chassis Step Box
Semi Chassis Step Box
Top Side Truck Tool Boxes
Top Sider w/ Flip Up Door
High Capacity Truck Top Sider
High Capacity Top Sider w/ Flip Up Door
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