Truck and Car Padded Arm Rests

Help relieve the stress and strain caused by resting the elbow and arm
on the surface of the hard door panel while driving

RoadPro Padded Arm Rest for Cars, Trucks & SUV's


It's a fact that Americans drive millions of miles each year. fact Drivers complain of ;

   sore elbows. Some Truck, Jeep, Suv's, Vans and Cars don't even have an

   armrest pad, just a hard door panel. For others it's just not in the right place.

   Isnít it time to get the real comfort with M5-RoadPro CAR Armrest

   With the M5-RoadPro CAR armrest pad,

   you can have real comfort. We are sure our moveable Armrest pad will be the right fit. Made with

   soft, padded auto fabric, the M5-RoadPro car armrest pad  gives the driver and passengers

   a soft and movable armrest that can be enjoyed with the window up or down! 

   M5-Roadpro car armrest pad installs in seconds with

No tools or glue needed 

and now you have a reason to adjust seat height for your real comfort.

  Great for Chevy armrest, Ford armrest, dodge armrest, land rover and Jeep.


Before                                  After


Chevy padded arm rest Dodge padded arm rest Ford padded arm rest
The M5Roadpro can help relieve the stress and strain while driving.
Use the M5-RoadPro armrest on most vehicle door panels.
M5-RoadPro armrests can be used with the window up and down, winter and summer.
The comfort is always there all year round.
Caution: Not recommended for aftermarket film tinted windows.

installation can be easy as 1-2-3
Installation of the M5-RoadPro Armrest is made to fit easily onto the doors of
Trucks, Vans, SUV's Cars and semi-trucks.
As shown on the photo, slide the armrest between the window and the door panel
For narrow medium wider door panels The M5-RoadPro fits narrow medium- thickness to wide door panels without any problem.
No tools or glue is needed! M5-RoadPro is designed to fit most door panels and will
not fall off the door panel when closing the door

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the M5-RoadPro armrest moveable?
Yes, the M5-RoadPro armrest is completely adjustable for absolute comfort. Just slide the armrest where you need the most comfort.

Can the M5-RoadPro Armrest be used on the passenger side doors?
Yes! the M5-RoadPro armrest can be used on most doors from front doors to back doors.

Is the M5-RoadPro Armrest cover plastic?
No, the cover is made from soft auto fabric.

Note: Some vehicles have 2 seals for noise reduction, usually spaced about an inch apart as demonstrated in fig 1. When installing the armrest, if you find it does not slide completely flush with the top of the door panel, there may be 2 seals on that door.

check the armrest occasionally for small debris that may get trapped between the window and the armrest.
The small debris could scratch the windows as the window goes up and down.
Occasionally take the armrest out and wipe across the insert of the armrest
M5-Roadpro is not responsible for scratches to windows.

$19.95 each
Will not fit 2014-Current Silverado or Sierra
Will not fit 2007-Current Avalanche
RoadPro Silver (Light Gray)
RoadPro Dark Gray
RoadPro Tan
RoadPro Black


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