Truck Bed Covers and Tonneau Covers

Huge selection in a variety of styles with fast, reliable shipping. Including hard, soft , retracting, roll-up, hinged, folding, and soft top canopy covers.  Secure the contents of your truck bed and provide gas mileage savings.

Folding Bed Covers

Soft Vinyl Bed Covers

Retractable and Roll Up Bed Covers

Hard ABS Plastic Covers

Fiberglass Hard Covers
(available painted to match and shipped right to your door)

Collapsible Truck Shell Bed Covers


Hard Covers
Diamond Truck Bed Covers
Diamond Back

Undercover Elite

Completely new design, adding the handle to the back,
BOLT® lock cylinder, and a brighter, removable LED light


Undercover Truck Bed Covers    
UnderCover Classic

Undercover SE Smooth Tonneau Cover

  • Smooth design allows you to paint-to-match your truck
  • Sleek, aerodynamic, sporty style
  • Functional and looks fantastic on your truck
  • Mid ribs as well as a subtle curved spoiler


Undercover SE
 New look, New features
Painted To Match Truck Bed Cover
Undercover LUX SE Painted to Match
Highest quality and best matching paint finish available! For local in-store customers only.  Shipping not available.

Hard Folding Covers
Click Here to see the full line of Bakflip Tri-Fold Bed Covers

Bakflip Folding Truck Bed Covers
Bakflip G2
Free Shipping on all Bakflips!

  • Tough textured aluminum paneled surface 
  • Individual panels lock so that you can drive with them open or closed
  • Scratch-resistant polyester based coating ensures that the covers is both scratch and UV resistant

Bakflip MX4

Free Shipping!

Introducing the all-new BAKFlip MX4, featuring heavy-duty aluminum matte
 finish panels that offer superior UV and scratch resistance, and an enhanced
 premium density foam core. The MX4 is the upgrade to the G2 aluminum
 series, equipped with upgraded latch housing components, and an all-new
 integrated tailgate seal that allows the cover to be closed with the tailgate in
the closed or open position.

BakFlip FiberMax Fiberglass Reinforced Tonneau Cover
Free Shipping!

The BakFlip FiberMax is BAK's all new hard folding tonneau cover that combines both Aluminum and Fiberglass reinforced polymers in it's composition. The top surface of the BakFlip FiberMax is made from a UV protected Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP), making the Fibermax impact resistant, scuff resistant and impervious to knocks and dings. Perfect tonneau cover if you're looking for a secure, reliable, hard-working truck cover that will look good over the long haul and won't break the bank.
Bakflip F1 Fiberglass Truck Bed Covers
Bakflip F1 Fiberglass

Free Shipping!

BAKFlip F1®:  Is dubbed the most "Advanced Tonneau
 Cover Ever Made!" The BAKFlip F1 o
perates exactly the
same as the BAKFlip G2, but the outer paneled surfaces are
 made out of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) which
 provides unmatched impact resistance.
Bakbox Toolbox for Bakflip Tonneau Covers

BakBox2 Bakflip Toolbox
designed specifically for your
Bakflip Truck Tonneau Cover or
Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover

The BakBox instantly flips out from the back wall of your truck bed to give you a full, secure toolbox and cargo management chest. It folds away just as easily when you don't need it or simply need to use your full truck bed!

Folding Tonneau with Rack System

Bakflip Contractor Series with Rack System
Free Shipping!

  • Rack Slides Open to Any Position
  • Cargo Rack System
  • Same Great Features as the G2

TonnoPro HardFold Folding Tonneau
HardFold Tri Fold Cover by TonnoPro

Only $549.99 Delivered!

The HardFold has been designed with an extremely tough all
aluminum underbody frame covered with our
highest marine grade vinyl on top.
Includes free tailgate seal, bed light, ProGlove
Work Glove and ProClean Vinyl Cleaner!

Undercover Flex Folding
Truck Bed Cover

Free Shipping!

Combines the best of two worlds, the security of a hard locking cover and the convenience of a soft tonneau.
Made of Tough yet Lightweight Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer
Built in prop rods secure the cover allowing your truck to be driven with the cover fully open

  • Low Profile Design
  • Full and easy Access to your bed
  • Built-in Prop rods
  • Easily removal in seconds

Extang Encore Tri-Fold
Free Shipping

Solid Fold 2.0 folding
tonneau cover

Free Shipping!

The Solid Fold 2.0 is a redesigned, re-engineered
version of our most popular cover, the Solid Fold

Also Available in the SolidFold
 Toolbox Tonneau
Diamondback Truck Bed Covers
Diamond Back Truck Tonneau Covers

Aeroklas USA Aggressor™ Series Electric Lift Tonneau Cover
Free Shipping!

Aeroklas USA Aggressor™ Series
Free Shipping!
Retractable and Roll Up Bed Covers

Retrax Pro Retractable Truck Bed Cover PowerTraxPro
Retrax Retractable Truck Bed Covers
NEW!  All Styles available in Black Matte Finish!
 Free Shipping!

Open a Retrax truck bed cover, and you will be impressed by the way it smoothly glides back and forth at
your slightest touch. Sealed ball-bearings allow the Retrax
to retract or close easily
without the use of springs, pull straps, Velcro or snaps.
RetraxONE, RetraxONE MX, RetraxPRO, RetraxPRO MX and the remote-controlled PowerTraxONE and PowerTraxONE MX, PowerTraxPRO and PowerTraxPRO MX

American Roll Covers
American Roll Cover
Retractable Aluminum Tonneau Cover

The American Roll Cover by Truck Covers USA is possibly the toughest, best-looking and best fitting retractable aluminum cover on the market today!
American Work Covers
American Work Cover
American Roll Tonneau Cover plus

integrated Tool Box

A tool box and American Roll Cover combo
 TRUCK COVERS USA presents the
This multifunctional product was engineered & designed with the
work truck & style in mind

NEW! Revolver X2 Rolling Tonneau Cover by Bak Industries
Free Shipping!
The all-new and improved Revolver X2 is a hard rolling tonneau cover that offers tough security, ingenious mechanical locking rails, and a flush “no profile” design.
Truxedo Titanium

NEW! TruXedo® Titanium

Premium Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Roll N Lock Tonneau 
Roll-N-Lock Retractable

Truck Bed Covers

From it's retractable function, which permits opening or closing in literally seconds, to its rigid, vinyl-over-aluminum laminated construction, the Roll-N-Lock M-Series hybrid cover offers everything.  Also available in the all new A-Series All Aluminum model!

Pace Edwards Full Metal
JackRabbit Full Metal Retractable
Truck Bed Cover
Pace Edwards All-New FULL METAL JackRabbitª Retractable Hard Tonneau Cover is the most advanced manually operated retractable bed cover on the market today, and now is available with an all-metal deck
Pace Edwards Jack Rabbig 
Pace Edwards JackRabbit
Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Soft Truck Bed Covers

Tonno Fold

LoRoll Low Profile Roll Up
Truck Bed Cover by Tonno Pro

Only $289.99 delivered!
Free Shipping
Includes 4 free gifts valued at $69!

The LoRoll Low Profile Roll Up Tonneau is one of the
most versatile Truck Bed Covers on the market!

The Lo Roll truck bed cover is mounted inside the bed rails
providing access to mount other popular truck accessories

Tri Fold Truck Bed Covers
Tonno Pro Tri Fold Truck Tonneau

Only $289.99 delivered!

Free Shipping
Includes 4 free gifts valued at $69!

TonnoPro Tri-Folding Tonneau Cover has become the
fastest growing cover in the segment.  The basic premise is that the sections are hinged together and fold into a more compact unit.  There are many advantages to this type of cover including the ability to remove in seconds for oversized cargo or just fold forward and lock in place for smaller loads. 
The Folding Tonneau cover also comes completely assembled which means “NO DRILLING” thus making the
installation a snap

Free Shipping on All Access Covers

Access Cover Truck Tonneaus

Truck Bed Tonneau Covers By Access

Available in original Access Roll Up Truck Bed Cover, TONNOSPORT® Roll-Up Cover, Vanish Low Profile,  Access Limited,  Lorado Low Profile Truck Tonneau, Toolbox Edition and LiteRider

The Adarac™ Truck Bed Rack System is an adjustable, removable and sturdy rack system that is compatible with Access Brand tonneau covers and other inside the rail tonneau covers. This rack system has trouble-free stake pocket installation, and can be easily removed. Each Adarac™ is made model specific for the best fit on most Ford, GM, Chevy and Dodge pickup trucks. The Adarac™ sits neatly behind the cab with no obstruction of view, and can carry up to a 500 lb load with ease.

Truxedo Truck Tonneaus
Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

Free Shipping!

Check out our full line of TruXedo Tonneaus including the new TruXedo TonneauTraX and TruXedo Edge!

Extang: America's Number One Selling Tonno

Tonneau Covers by Extang
All Extang Tonneau covers including the Trifecta, Solid Fold Ultra Low Profile Revolution and the e-Max

New! Trifecta or Solid Fold Tool Box Tonneau

Free Shipping

All of the same great features as the Solid Fold Tonneau
Designed to fit with a standard crossover toolbox
with a width of 18" to 20" wide

The Adarac™ Truck Bed Rack System is an adjustable, removable and sturdy rack system that is compatible with Access Brand tonneau covers and other inside the rail tonneau covers. This rack system has trouble-free stake pocket installation, and can be easily removed. Each Adarac™ is made model specific for the best fit on most Ford, GM, Chevy and Dodge pickup trucks. The Adarac™ sits neatly behind the cab with no obstruction of view, and can carry up to a 500 lb load with ease.

Collapsible Truck Shell Bed Covers

Supertop Retractable Truck Topper
SuperTop Soft Collapsible Retractable Truck Topper
Supertop Covers For Trucks

Fiberglass Hard Truck Bed Covers

Ranch Fiberglass Truck Bed Covers NEW!
Sport Wrap Truck Tonneau Cover by Ranch Fiberglass
Trimless "Wrap Over" Style
Hard Fiberglass Truck Tonneau
Painted to match your truck!


Ranch Fiberglass Truck Tonneaus NEW!
Legacy Truck Tonneau Cover by Ranch Fiberglass
Competitively priced high line, painted to match, fiberglass truck bed cover with stylelines that are consistent in appearance from truck to truck.
Painted to match your truck!


Bakflip F1 Fiberglass
Bakflip F1 Fiberglass Folding Truck Bed Cover
Free Shipping!     BAKFlip F1®
Is the most "Advanced Tonneau Cover Ever Made!" The BAKFlip F1 o
perates exactly the same as the BAKFlip G2, however the outer paneled surfaces are made out of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) which provides unparalleled impact resistance.

Houston's Leading Dealer for Camper Shells and Tonneau Covers
for over 30 years with full service installation on site!

Jason Tonneau Covers 
 Jason Tonneau Covers

Related Items
B-Light Battery Powered Truck Bed Light and Tool Box Light by Truxedo
No wiring! Just peel, stick & go!
18-inch super bright LED strip
Long-lasting LED technology
Mounts anywhere
Access Truck Bed
LED Light Strip

This unit is 12” of bright led’s that has a push button switch that has been
cycle tested 5k times. It also comes with a 3ft lead that makes wiring a breeze. 

This unit is water proof and comes with one year warranty.
This LED light strip can be used in boats, SUVs, campers or
anywhere you have a 12V power source.
Truck Bed Light TonnoTorch Truck Bed Light and Tool Box Light
The TonnoTorch is a small compact detachable LED light that can be
installed on the inside bed of your truck or inside your tool box lid and
has a variety of uses.
Pop N Lock Tailgate Lock for Truck Tailgates
Truck Stake Pocket Covers Stake Pocket Covers

• Easy, Snap-In Installation
• Keeps Elements Out
• Smooth, Sleek Look
TrailSeal Tailgate Seal Gasket
Our TrailSeal® Tailgate Gasket is designed specifically for tailgates.
It seals all gaps around the perimeter of the tailgate keeping dust, rain and snow
out of your truck bed.

TrailSeal®: Total Bed Seal

The Total Bed Seal Kit is for the new body GM Trucks. This is the complete Bed Seal, it seals gaps located under the edges of the truck bed with water resistant foam, seals gaps located at the front and back of the bed and also seals manufacturer holes along the sides of the bed. This kit is a must to keep rain, snow and dust out of your pickup bed. This Seal Kit works with tonneaus, toppers or lids and is an easy at home installation. Get your seal kit today and keep your cargo clean and dry!

Truck Bedz
Truck Bed Air Mattresses

Truck Bed Covers, Truck Tonneau Covers

Hard truck bed covers or soft truck bed covers, fiberglass truck bed covers, roll-up tonneaus, tilt bed covers or folding truck bed covers, PickupSpecialties carries what you’re looking for!  All of our truck tonneau covers are custom designed to fit your truck bed and your specific model truck.  We have bed covers for full size trucks, compact trucks, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and more!  A truck bed cover will also cut down on the wind drag at your tailgate which improves your gas mileage!  Lock up your equipment, tools, groceries or whatever you carry in your truck bed with a truck bed cover.
Folding Truck Bed Covers and Tri Fold Truck Bed covers are the most popular and easy to use truck tonneaus on the market today.  Check out our full line of the popular BakFlip Truck Bed Covers if you're looking for a hard folding truck bed cover, or try the economically priced soft Tri Fold Truck Tonneau by Tonno Pro We also offer painted to match fiberglass truck bed covers by Ranch Fiberglass that are crated and shipped right to your door!
The DiamondBack diamond plate truck bed cover is one of the best looking and toughest truck tonneau covers out there!  Retractable truck covers are available in manual or motorized models and are offer by RollNLock, Pace Edwards and the American Roll Cover by Truck Covers USA!  And all of the truck bed covers mentioned here come with FREE SHIPPING!




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